Is This the Year You Will Get In Front Of Your Staffing Needs?

You may have noticed that there are not a lot of highly-skilled technicians out there. What you may not know is that there are not many places training and producing technicians. Brick and mortar schools are closing their programs and producing fewer and fewer technicians!

The Solution to Your Staffing Needs!

You are the solution to your staffing needs! Just like your customers, you need to cultivate and grow your staff year round; not just when you lose that great technician or have a sudden increase in work.

Sounds Like a Lot of Work?
Yes, and without a strong staff recruiting program, you will not grow. Not in today’s tight labor markets!

But I need Staff Now!
Certainly, work on bringing in the qualified technicians you can find! There are great ways to do this! But you must also think ahead. Remember, the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is today!

But I can’t afford it!
You may be surprised by how quickly a quality new technician can grow into a revenue producing technician. 60 days of investment in a new technician, if done correctly, is all it takes to create a revenue producing technician. Ask yourself if you can carry a technician for 60 days, in order to ensure you have a great staff during the busy season.

We are here to help you!
Explore the Trades, Troops to Trades and the Nexstar Legacy Foundation scholarships provide you with tools to help you grow these new technicians. Click here to download a free Guide To Finding A Technician.

Here are other recruitment resources for you to use:

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