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1940s Fashion

As the war-time austerity of the early 1940’s came to an end, fashion became ever more important! Cinched waists, over-the-top accessories, stunning up-dos and let’s not forget the on-point bikinis! The 1940s had a classic look that has endured. The “New Look” that came out from Christian Dior in 1947 would still be considered a classic today!

Although we recommend you leave your bikinis in the hotel room, we do encourage you to take a stab at the trends of the 1940s and come dressed to kill! To help you discover your inner Ava Garner, Ginger Rogers, Lana Turner or Doris Day we’ve put together the following wardrobe suggestions.

Hairstylesimage of 1940s hairstyles

Generally worn shoulder length or shorter, it was often cut into layers in order to create the up-do styles. Hair was generally parted to the side and worn off the face with waves, curls or rolls. Ribbons, turbans and other hair accessories were common.

Why not try a new 1940s hair style for the event? We dare you!

Accessoriesimage of 1940s accessories

Both men and women favored accessories. For the women the accessories were large and eye catching. Men favored suspenders and Pomodoro hats and as a twist would roll up their sleeves to give an extra flare to their outfits.

Oxford shoes were the go to style for men! For a change of pace, men also wore bowties.


Makeupimage of 1940s makeup

It wouldn’t be the 1940s without full, round RED lips! Since during the war women had to do without many traditional forms of makeup they turned to items such as burnt cork for mascara, soot for eye shadow, beetroot juice for lipstick, gravy browning for leg tint and even paint for stocking seams.

After 1945, as makeup became more available, women followed the fashion trends of the most famous stars. Joan Crawford made famous the Hunter’s Bow lipstick shape and women sought a healthy sun-kissed glow to their skin. In fact, the first cream foundation was started by Max Factor in 1948. Eye brows were kept full but shaped and defined into an arch or rounded shape.

Let’s not forget the men!image of 1940s mens fashion

The military uniform was ubiquitous during the 1940s but not the only item men would wear.

Buttoned-down shirts, high-waisted pants and ties were the day wear of men in the 1940s. Fitted sweaters – with ties over the top! – were also often worn by men. Sweater vests and waistcoats were popular also.

Hair was full bodied on top and short at the sides.

Come on men we need a few dandies at the event to liven the evening! We look forward to seeing you in your best dancing rags!


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