Trades Notice To Parents


At the Nexstar Legacy Foundation, our main goal is to educate men and women on the plumbing, HVAC and electrical trades. We aim to help young adults discover the prestige, earning power, and stability of careers in the skilled trades.

Our foundation is a leading resource for information on these careers, training, and a great source of financial aid for such programs. Since 2006, we have granted over $150,000 in scholarship dollars and have helped countless individuals find jobs across the United States.

We hope to show your children that they have other options after high school other than a four-year college. Although it has long been the perception that college is THE way to succeed and get into the middle class, with costs increasing over the last 20 years, it is becoming less feasible for kids to go to college. Almost two thirds of undergraduates borrow money to attend, and student-loan debt is now outpacing credit card debt for the first time. Although it is reported that a “typical senior” graduates with “only” $24,000 in debt, with interest, collection charges, and penalties for postponed payments, the amounts owed can actually exceed $100,000.

We also want to encourage your children to strongly consider a career in the trades to foster a new generation of skilled workers. Although skilled labor remains the backbone of our country, there is currently a shortage of good tradesmen. Despite the unemployment rate in this country, there are currently millions of skilled labor jobs open – paying more money than you may think.

Why Should Your Child Consider A Job in The Trades?