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In the next decade the United States needs 3,000,000 workers who have only a high school degree or less but only 1.7 skilled or unskilled will enter in those years.* Our purpose is to help talented individuals find careers in the plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical residential service industry. Join our mission by making a donation this #GivingTuesday, December 1, 2015 or by participating in our #unselfie contest (click here for details!)

The Foundation provides scholarships for tuition and fees for students entering a PHCE residential career.
Explore The Trades provides information on PHCE residential service careers to young people.
Troops To Trades provides career placement, training and grants for military veterans, Reserve and Guard members.

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In honor of our 10 year anniversary, the Nexstar Legacy Foundation has 3 goals for GivingTuesday:
1110 Social Media Impressions
110 Gifts or Pledges
10 New Monthly Donors
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In the last ten years we have succeeded in giving or helping more than:
$250,000 Scholarships Given
125 Students Helped
$100,000 in Training Grants To Veterans Given
50 Veterans Helped
150 Businesses Helped With Recruiting

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We Need More Technicians In The Industry – there is a major shortage of skilled workers in the US, and with only 6% of students considering a career in the trades it is only getting worse.
You Can Help A Veteran Or A Young Person – through our efforts we have helped 125+ students and 50+ veterans find a fulfilling career in the trades.
It Will Help Your Industry And Business – over the past 10 years we have worked with more than 150 different businesses in the PHCE industry.

5 Ways People Can Give

  1. Commit to a gift verbally to a foundation volunteer (the volunteer should pass on the name,image of #givingtuesday heart
    number and amount of gift to Renée)
  2. Donate at any of our websites:  www.nexstarfoundation.org;  www.explorethetrades.org;  www.troopstotrades.org
  3. Donate through social media with #donate
  4. Send a text or email to Renée at 320-248-4629 or reneec@nexstarfoundation.org with your pledge amount – be sure to indicate your name and the amount of your pledge.
  5. Become a monthly donor by sending a pledge or filling out the donate form and select monthly.

*source: www.constructormagazine.com

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Troops To Trades Resources – Quick Links

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