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There will be 700,000+ jobs in the trades within the next 10 years! (read more below the infographic)
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For years, careers in the trades have been stigmatized as less desirable, less lucrative and less professional than so called “white collar” careers. This myth has hidden just how diverse trade careers are! Just like any career path, trade careers come in all shapes and sizes and you may be surprised to hear about the opportunities of a residential service career.

The residential service industry works with consumers in their homes. The atmosphere is professional and customer service focused. If you enjoy working independently out of a company truck you manage, visiting with people to make their homes more safe and efficient, and problem solving technical issues, this career is probably a great one for you! Even better, these jobs are plentiful!

Residential service includes plumbing, heating and cooling or HVAC and electrical.  All three careers will see job growth in the next 10 years.

The salaries of residential service careers can be excellent, especially for those individuals who enjoy the interactive customer service side of the business.  Average salaries are around $50,000 but can climb much higher. Also, the initial costs of training for a trade career is much less than other careers, creating savings for you!


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