Are You Job-Ready? – Part 1


Time is of the essence. Your success in a trade career depends on several elements. One is mechanical aptitude, coupled with relevant technical education and/or experience. You must be trained or trainable, and able to do the work. In the next several articles I will address another element, which I’ll call “job readiness.” Many of […]

BREAKING NEWS – Help Wanted Everywhere!


October 20, 2016 The trade shortage is a global problem It’s not just here in the U.S. Employers around the world are finding it hard to recruit enough skilled trade workers – harder than any other field. The latest Talent Shortage Survey by ManpowerGroup that was just released sampled more than 42,000 employers in 43 […]

High Demand, Short Supply


October 11, 2016 That’s good for trade workers! Chapter one of almost every basic course in economics starts with the law of supply and demand. When there is too much supply of a product or service, prices drop and providers of those goods and services leave the business until an equilibrium point is reached and […]



September 29, 2016 By Rebecca Woodul ITT Tech’s nationwide closure forces us to ask, where is the next generation of skilled tradesmen and women going to come from? Are there enough tools out there able to bring young men and women into the fields starving for talent? Vocational and technical education is not only a lucrative […]

Lessons From The ITT Fiasco


September 27, 2016 Squeeze lemons before buying them If you pay attention to the news, you probably have heard about the closure earlier this month of ITT Technical Institute, a for-profit college chain with more than 130 campuses in 38 states and some 40,000 students now left out in the cold. The closure came after […]

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