Reason #1 Why College Is A Lousy Deal


Reason #1 Why College Is A Lousy Deal A college degree doesn’t mean what it used to. Reasons are varied, and I’m going to address them in a series of blogs starting now. Reason #1 is that more people than ever are going to college. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, last year 69.7% […]

Apprenticeships Get A Boost


Last week President Trump took aim at expanding apprenticeship programs for the manual trades, which has been applauded by the Business Roundtable, consisting of major employers. It’s about time apprenticeship has gotten a boost! Apprenticeship is a training system that dates back more than 500 years when European guilds were formed to pass along knowledge […]

Debt Till Death


Do you love your Mom and Dad? There are exceptions, but I suspect most people reading this would answer yes.   If you do, do them a favor. Don’t put them in such a hole supporting your college education that they have to struggle in retirement. Unfortunately, millions of America parents are facing a miserable […]

Bad Driving Is A Killer – Of Careers Too


In recent years road signs have popped up warning against texting while driving. This has become an epidemic among young people in particular. I know many of you reading this are teens and twenty-somethings. To you, I want to say … STOP IT! TEXTING WHILE DRIVING IS MONUMENTALLY STUPID! End of rant. What’s this have […]

The Power of Positive Thinking


April 25, 2017 Are you a grouchy person, always complaining about something? If so, please stay away from me. Not just me. Nobody likes to hang around with a grouch. The Power of Positive Thinking was a best-selling book from the 1960s that is still on sale. Its title pretty much describes what the book […]

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