Become a Leader of Employment Opportunities in Your Area

With the current shortage of good, quality applicants for jobs in the skilled trades, it’s important to set yourself apart from the competition. Become a leader of employment opportunities in your area by using the Nexstar Legacy Foundation’s “Finding Your Balance” video. This fantastic video is now available to our members and highlights the benefits of a career in the plumbing, heating/cooling, and electrical industries.

Not only are there countless ways to use this recruitment tool, it can also be personalized so that it looks like it was specifically made for your business! If you are interested in personalizing the video for your business, please see below for options on ordering one. The only remaining question is how will you utilize this educational and recruiting tool in your business?

Click on the video below to learn more on how you can use a personalized video.

NEXstar Build v2 from Swick Media on Vimeo.

Ways to Utilize a Personalized Video for Recruitment

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Haven’t seen the video yet? Click on the video below to see it in full!

Nexstar Legacy from Swick Media on Vimeo.

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