College Enrollment Continues To Drop


January 10, 2017 But vocational enrollments are up. Regular readers of this blog know that a consistent theme to my articles has to do with the fact that vocational education in a skilled trade is a worthwhile alternative to college for mechanically minded individuals. That message seems to be getting through to society at-large. College […]

Great Strides In Trade Professionalism


December 20, 2016 Companies have gotten more sophisticated Shortly before I retired as editor of magazines serving the plumbing and HVAC industries, I was invited to speak to a trade group on the subject of changes in the industry that I had witnessed during my career spanning more than three decades. I won’t bore you […]

Are You Job-Ready? – Part 4


December 6, 2016 Act like a professional This will be my final blog on the subject of job readiness. The topic is professionalism. What does professionalism mean? One dictionary defines it as “the skill, good judgment, and polite behavior that is expected from a person who is trained to do a job well.” That’s a […]

Are You Job-Ready? – Part 3


November 29, 2016 You must get along with people Some professions are typically characterized as a “people business.” Certainly anyone who sells for a living falls into that category. Public relations, politics and other fields also require advanced social skills on the part of their practitioners. Yet to my way of thinking virtually every way […]

Are You Job-Ready? – Part 2


November 15, 2016 Great work requires focus and concentration Are you really ready to hold down a responsible job? You need more than technical ability. The ultimate sign of readiness is productivity coupled with excellence. Can you produce value commensurate with the pay you receive? If not, nobody will want to hire you. In any […]

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